Our Delivery Date has changed as of January 1st. Our delivery date is Tuesday only. All casseroles come frozen. You can defrost them for cooking for pop them in the freezer for up to 6 months

If you are not going to be home during the delivery, please leave a cooler on your front porch. Make sure there are ice packs (preferably not ice cubes as they melt and cause soggy food) especially during the HOT summer months. If you have garage fridge that you would like us to put your food in please send us the specific instructions at ordering.

Culinary Creation LLC can NOT leave food out without proper storage. Food left out at room temperature grows bacteria and can cause food poisoning.

Even though Culinary Creation LLC is not liable after delivery we do not want to see any of our customers (friends) get sick. We take this very seriously!

We currently deliver to the greater Charleston area. We have customers in:

Summerville - Charleston - Goose Creek - Hanahan - John's Island - Daniel's Island - North Charleston - Mount Pleasant - Sullivan's Island